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The Chance of a lifetime!

Just about the most exciting thing a boy or girl could do!

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Do you have a child that is full of wacky inventions and ideas? Or perhaps simply keen to understand how things work?
Help your child get a good grounding with 'The Electronic Wizards Apprenticeship'.

The Electronic Wizard's Apprenticeship is a fantastic inspirational one year Postal Course, split into three 'spells' (terms) of four months each. 

Join the adventure..... into the magical world of electronics.

The Course is very practical and hands on.

Wizards’ Apprentices start with the basics, and rapidly build to more advanced skills.  Get an insight into the workings behind technology.  Understand some of the ‘Magic’ that holds our modern world together

Every month you get a mystery 'Wonder Box' in the post (four per spell). 

Each package contains everything to make two or three fantastic electronics projects.  This includes components such as solar cells, batteries, meter, speaker, chips, circuit boards, wire and solder. 

The instructions are fun and chatty with illustrations and no jargon. There's also a regular quiz and sometimes a CD or DVD: everything for your exciting journey.

These are not simple click together kits that teach you nothing.  This is active learning! 

For example find out what a transistor is, what it does and how you can use it in a circuit. Begin to understand what all the parts of a circuit are and make your own!

What else? Make a radio transmitter, oscillators, LED flashers and sound generators.  You'll be doing simple computer programming, learning how to solder, using magnets, motors and power switching. You'll get to grips with the graphs, charting, technical drawing and calculations you need.  Learn about early inventions, alternative energies.  Understand just what volts, amps, watts, resistors and capacitors are all about.

No previous experience is needed. 

Students of 10 or older can easily follow the course.  Younger students are also welcome.  However they will need more practical help. This will mean that parents will have to take more of an active role and will have to go through the course helping all of the time. Without that extra parent help the younger Apprentice may fall behind and lose interest, so double effort from parents please for under 10's...  :o)

The next start date is 24th September 2012

Please apply at least 10 days before the Spell Date.......Preferably book as early as possible!...... It takes a lot to organise your WonderBoxes!....... but if you are late booking in...... get in contact as we often have extra WonderBoxes ready made up.

Application form <<<CLICK HERE

All Parts and Compnents are supplied , including batteries.          Superb Value for your Money!!

A 15/30 watt soldering iron is essential. (Adult supervision will sometimes be required) If you need one, this can be purchased from us including some solder for £12 including post.


Join in the forum to chat to other apprentices and help one another

Each Apprentice is given a unique 'Apprentice Name' so you can log into the private forum on this website (ONLY accessible to apprentices and their parents).  You can ask questions, and see what others have posted.  If you are really stuck, the Wizard will help you find a solution.


One free Skype session with every spell

If you get stuck and need a bit of help, check out the Forum on the website first..... and then if you are still stuck on a project ...e-mail the Wizard to arrange a free half hour one to one Skype session to get you going again.


There are ALSO extra tuition Skype sessions, details are on the payments page.

Click here to see what Parents & Apprentices are Saying.......

So much positive feedback…. All the time!


One spell 4 months (4 wonder boxes) SPECIAL     £115


Or book in all 3 spells for the whole year SPECIAL    £295       (Normal Price £345)


This price includes all postage within the UK. We send all packages out using Royal Mail.

For Students outside of the UK :   International Airmail is £15 per Spell to cover International postage

Sibling Apprenticeship Package: Have you got more than one child who’d like  to do the course? For an extra £40 per child, you receive a duplicate of some items during the Spell including Tasks & Quizzes. Each Apprentice will also receive their own unique 'Apprentice Name', so it's easy for a brother or sister to join in the fun!... the main project is shared, but components for smaller projects are duplicated.



Let the adventure begin!  


Please note: References to Wizard, Magic, Spells Etc. are simply a theme to make the course more fun, there is no religious or belief system being promoted by their use. There are a few gentle nudges to philosophy & common sense using quotes from Einstein etc.... life is an adventure!

Application form <<<CLICK HERE

Any other questions?  Get in touch:


Telephone Ian Moore : U.K.  mobile: 07837778246

email:   new @  kidstuff . co . uk

2 Crossways, Cott lane Dartington Totnes TQ9 6HE

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